Next generation messaging features.
Novalink has a range of next generation messaging features. You can unsend messages as well as use SOLr (Speed Of Light reading), a system that trains you to speed read large amounts of text. Other featues include: keyword highlighting, auto translation, text-to-speech, text formatting and more.
Your digital clone.
ReplicAI is your replicated artificial intelligence. A system that learns about you, from you and can message like you. You can use your digital clone as an auto responder or to simply chat with.
The galactic addressbook.
Core is a lot more than just an addressbook. Powered by Traverse, NovaLink's search engine, users can search for people to connect with based on similar attributes, topical interests, skills and more.
Next generation data protection.
Void is a collection of security features and standards ranging from end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and key based ciphering to message specific security; such as self destructing messages, password locked messages, visually scrambled text and more.
Professional help and advice from real people.
With Assist, in conjunction with Traverse, a user can search and pay to chat with real people to get advice or help on topics they are trained in. From industry experts such as software engineers, accountants and financial advisors to more personal aids such as psychologists and spiritual advisors.